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sorry, this is x-posted

I'm not sure if I made an entry about my pre-eclampsia. I was diagnosed with a mild form of it over a week ago. I ended up being in the hospital for 3 days to be monitored and to collect a 24 hour urine sample to check and see how much protein was spilled into my urine. The count was in the 500's so I was diagnosed with a mild form of it. Most of you know about pre-eclampsia and the effects on the body and how it only gets worse before it gets better. The only way to get rid of it is to deliver and me still being only 35 weeks, they'd like to keep me pregnant for at least 2 more weeks to ensure that her lungs are mature.

I went into the doctor today for a blood pressure check and it was high once again and I have a high protein count in my urine. So guess where I get to go. Back to the hospital. Once again I'll do another 24-hour urine test and if the results are higher than before, I may end up in the hospital until the baby is born. My sister says if they present this as an option, that I should take it. Even though I REALLY don't want to.. So this very well may be my last entry for awhile.

Hopefully I won't have to stay in the hospital. It will depend on the results from the test. But I definately will be in for the next 30-something hours. 24 hours for the test and they'll keep me until they get the results back.

I really really hope my pre-eclampsia isn't getting worse. The last thing I want to do is spend the remainder of my pregnancy in the hospital, completely shut off from the world. I'm getting depressed just thinking about it.

Well I suppose I should get back to packing. Hopefully I'll be back. Hopefully..
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