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baby shower blues

Anyone want to hear about my craptacular baby shower? Then click

Let me tell was a very upsetting day. I invited like 30+ people and guess how many showed? 7! Only 7. Not all of them stayed either. Carlos came by just to give me my gift. He was very sick though so that was a legitimate excuse. He at least came by to give me my gift. So a little bit after that, Jackie and Anthony came over. And they came all the way from Fort Myers! They brought their baby boy Remy. Such a cutie. Looks just like his dad! They stayed for quite some time but did eventually have to go because they were only in town for a short time. So for like 3 hours it was just me, Jackie, Anthony and Tracy. Jackie played one of my games. She had 10 minutes to write down all the words she could make out of Sara's full name. She got 70 words and some of them I hadn't though of. (The night before me and my mom did it and came up with like 150)

When they left, Natalie had just shown up. She couldn't stay because she had to go have dinner with her grandparents. Which again, was a legitimate excuse. (BTW it was now 6:30 and my invitations said 1 p.m.) She played the same game that Jackie did. She got 30 words and I still gave her a prize and some candy.

Jeff came too. Tracy had to call and wake him up, which he felt bad about. I was just thrilled that he came. By that time I was getting very upset because no one was coming. There were 50 uneaten cupcakes on my table which was set up quite nicely. And all the pizzas that Chad (my bf and baby's daddy) hand-made and bought for me were getting cold. Tracy and Jeff did something to make me feel a little better though. I had bought 11 jars of baby food for a guessing game. Tracy and Jeff played the game while I took pictures. They had to guess what the baby food was by tasting it. Let me tell you, I got some GREAT pictures of them on the brink of hurling. I know they did it to make me feel better. And it felt good to laugh after the crappy day I was having.

A little while later, Samantha came. She brought me a diaper cake. She felt bad for being late but I didn't mind at all. It meant so much to me that she came. Since there was at least 3 people at that time, we decided to go on with the games. We played the price is right and Jeff and Samantha did the same game that Jackie and Natalie did. We had a game specifically for the guys that only Jeff got to play. He had to put a beach ball underneath his shirt and try to tie his shoes. Of course he was able to do it. His prize was this little award-ribbon that said "I can tie my shoes." Also I had them guess how many jelly beans were in 2 different baby bottles.

Tracy had to leave but Samantha and Jeff stayed for awhile longer. We played like 6 rounds of rummy with the cards that Jeff won from the price is right game. After that we were all exhausted so Samantha and Jeff both left and I stayed up and waited for Chad to come over. Which he did and he spent the night with me. That made me feel better too.

But overall I was very hurt that no one really showed up. I mean, people PROMISED that they would be there and then didn't even have the decency to call and tell me that they couldn't make it. Well, Casey did. She called in the morning and told me that her and Mary couldn't make it because they got called into work.

This really made me realize who my true friends are. I mean, Jackie came ALL THE WAY FROM FORT MYERS! Of course she came to see her family too but the primary reason behind her trip was to come to my baby shower. Everyone else I invited live at least 10 minutes away from me and can see me whenever they want and they couldn't even come on this one special occasion and yet Jackie managed to come from a pretty long distance. That really says alot. I absolutely love that girl!

I tried not to let it upset me but I couldn't help it. I ended up crying. And on top of that I was actually depending on this shower to help me get alot of the things that I needed. Now I have to go and get them all myself. Well maybe not everything. Samantha said she was going to throw me a real baby shower with people that will actually show up. That made me feel a little better. I just wonder when she'll be able to do it since I'm going to be having the baby pretty soon.

Well that was my baby shower. I hope everyone else gets a better one. It's exremely upsetting when no one shows. I hope that none of you have to go through with that.

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