mand_a_lion (mand_a_lion) wrote in coolmommies,

Here's a fun question...

A really good friend of my husband's is getting married this July. Little J. Henry will be a whopping three months old. Chad and I would really like to go to this wedding, but, get this, it's in Alaska. We found flights that would get us there in under five hours, but here's the big question(s):

Has anyone ever traveled with a 3-month old? Would they recommend against it?

Chad, ever optimistic, feels that it would be a great time to fly in, spend a week, see a few sights and fly home. He argues that when the baby's that small, it's easier than when they're two or three.

I, oddly enough cautious on this one, feel that it would be too difficult to keep a schedule and worry about tiring the little guy out.

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